Rate Card

Here is a full list of equipment you can hire from us. If something does not appear on the list, contact us for a bespoke quotation. If we can’t provide something you require, chances are we can acquire it from one of our network partners. All packages can be tailored to meet your requirements within reason.

Prices and inventory is subject to change. 


JMC BST16002x 800w @ 2 Ohm / 1280w Bridged @ 4 Ohm£15£45
KAM KXR20002x 1000w @ 4 Ohm£15£45
Lab Gruppen LAB40002x 2400w @ 2 Ohm£40£120
Matrix XT6004EQ4x 1500w @ 2 Ohm with built in Crossover.£30£90
Matrix UKP 2100x2x 1050w @ 4 Ohm£20£60
Powersoft K10 DSP+AESOP2x 6000w @ 2 Ohm with built in DSP£40£120
Powersoft K20 DSP+AESOP2x 9000w @ 2 Ohm with built in DSP£50£150
Skytec 18002x 900w @ 4 Ohm£10£30
QSC RMX 24502x 1200w @ 2 Ohm / 2400w Bridged @ 4 Ohm£15£45
QSC PLX 12022x 325w @ 4 Ohm / 1200w Bridged @ 8 Ohm£20£60
QSC PLX 16022x 500w @ 4 Ohm / 1600w Bridged @ 8 Ohm£20£60
QSC PLX 24022x 700w @ 4 Ohm / 2400w Bridged @ 8 Ohm£20£60
Wharfedale Pro MP18002x 900w @ 2 Ohm / 1800w Bridged @ 4 Ohm£15£45
Wharfedale Pro MP28002x 1400w @ 2 Ohm / 2800w Bridged @ 4 Ohm£15£45

Crossovers / Loudspeaker Management Systems

Behringer DCX24962 in 6 out Loudspeaker Management System£20£60
DBMark XCA262 in 8 out Loudspeaker Management System£25£75
DBX 223Stereo 2-Way/Mono 3-Way Crossover£10£30
DBX DriveRack 260+2 in 6 out Loudspeaker Management System£25£75
Nexo PS15TDNexo PS15 Active Processor£10£30
XTA DP2662 in 6 out Loudspeaker Management System£25£75

DJ Kit

KAM KAP10004 channel DJ Mixer£20£60
Ortofon ConcordeVinyl cartridge with needle£20£60
Pioneer CDJ1000 mk3Professional CD/MP3 player£30£90
Pioneer CDJ2000 NexusProfessional CD/MP3/USB player£50£150
Pioneer DJM800Professional 4 channel DJ Mixer with FX£40£120
Pioneer DJM900 NexusProfessional 4 channel DJ mixer with FX£50£150
Technics 1210 mk3Professional vinyl turntable (without cartridges)£50£150
Technics SH DJ-1200Professional 2 channel DJ Mixer£20£60
Urei 1601EProfessional 2 channel DJ Mixer with FX£30£90
Vestrax PMC400Professional 4 channel DJ Mixer£20£60
Vestrax PVC175Professional 3 channel DJ Mixer£20£60

Lighting Control           

ADJ RGB 3C3 Channel DMX Controller£5£15
Anytronics ConvertorAnalogue to DMX Convertor£5£15
4’ x 2’ LiteDeck4 foot by 2 foot LiteDeck staging platform£25£75
Avolites Tiger Touch II4 Universe DMX Desk with ArtNet£110£330
Avolites Titan Mobile4 Universe DMX Desk with touch screen laptop£70£210
Avolites Titan One1 Universe DMX PC software with touch screen laptop£35£105
Chamsys MaqicDMXUSB to DMX Convertor£10£30
Transcension DMX Operator II196 Channel DMX Controller£10£30
Zero88 Betapack 36 x 10A Dimmer Rack (32A TPNE in / 12 x 16A Out)£35£105

Lighting & Effects Fixtures

Abstract FutureScan II Kit4x 150w DMX Scanners + Controller£40£120
ACME Deco Strobe250w Xenon DMX Strobe£20£60
Anytronics Deathstar Strobe3000w Xenon Strobe with remote£30£90
Berkey Colourtran Beam 800800w Light£5£15
Berkey Colourtran MiniBroad800w Light£5£15
GLP Volkslicht ZoomLED Wash Moving Head£40£120
Ianiro Ianbeam 650w650w Photography/Video Redhead£5£15
Ianiro Ianbeam 800w800w Photography/Video Redhead£7.50£22.50
iSolution iMove 5S250w Moving Head Fixture£20£60
Jem TechnofogHigh performance DMX Smoke Machine with Fluid£40£120
Jem ZR24/7Continuous DMX Haze Machine with Fluid£40£120
LED Crystal Ball Light7x1w LED Crystal Ball Light£5£15
6 watt RGB LaserWith Pangolin Controller£350£1050
3.8 watt RGB LaserPure Diode white light laser with Pangolin£250£750
Mirror Ball60cm Mirror Ball£25£75
Nebula Beam 200200w Discharge Moving Head£40£120
OptiKinetics Solar 250250w Rotating Wheel Effect Light£20£60
Pearl River Pilot 150150w Discharge Moving Head£25£75
Pulse ECO Par 56153 LED Par Can£5£15
Radiance MiniFloods10w LED Mini Flood Lights£5£15
Radiance Par1818w Flat DMX LED Par Cans£5£15
Radiance Par5656w Flat DMX LED Par Cans£10£30
Radiance 400w Blacklight UV400w EYE UV Cannon£20£60
Radiance 20w Blacklight UV20w 2ft fluorescent fixture£5£15
Robe Spot 575XT575w Spot Moving Head£35£105
Rock IP65 RGBAWIP65 5in1 Outdoor 360w LED Wash£35£105
Zoom Powerfog 10001000w High Pressure Piston Smoke Machine with fluid£30£90

Microphones / DIs

AKG C1000SCondenser microphone£8£24
AKG D112Dynamic cardioid kick drum microphone£8£24
AKG D5Dynamic cardioid microphone£6£18
AKG D850Dynamic cardioid microphone£6£18
Audio Technica AT804Omnidirectional dynamic microphone£5£15
Audio Technica AT897Line and gradient condenser rifle microphone£10£30
Audio Technica ATM29HEDynamic hyper-cardioid microphone£8£24
Audio Technica ATM41HEDynamic hyper-cardioid microphone£8£24
Beyerdynamic TGX48Dynamic cardioid vocal microphone£6£18
Sennheiser e604Dynamic cardioid instrument microphone£8£24
Sennheiser e945Dynamic super-cardioid vocal microphone£6£18
Sennheiser FreeportDynamic wireless handheld microphone£15£45
Sennheiser ME66/K6Super-cardioid/lobar condenser rifle microphone£10£30
Shure Beta 52ADynamic super-cardioid kick drum microphone£8£24
Shure Beta 58ADynamic super-cardioid vocal microphone£8£24
Shure SM57Dynamic cardioid instrument microphone£6£18
Shure SM58Dynamic cardioid vocal microphone£6£18
Shure SM58SDynamic cardioid vocal microphone with switch£6£18
T Bone Free Solo HTDynamic wireless handheld microphone£20£60
TEV Pro IIDynamic cardioid vocal microphone£4£12
Yoga D606 Dynamic cardioid instrument microphone£4£12
Yoga DM-868Cardriod condenser vocal microphone£4£12
ART Dual ZdirectDual Channel Passive DI Box  
BSS AR133Single Channel Active DI Box£10£30
MTR DI-1Single Channel Passive DI Box£5£15
Thomann / Millenium DI-33Single Channel Active DI Box£5£15

Mixing Consoles

Cloud Z4-II8 in 4 zone Venue Mixer£10£30
Crest Audio X-Four24 Channel Analogue Live mixer with 4 groups£50£150
Crest Audio X20-R20 Channel Analogue Live mixer with 4 groups£30£90
Crest Audio X20-RM20 Channel Analogue Monitor mixer£30£90
Mackie 1204 VLZ Pro12 Channel Analogue Live mixer£20£60
Mackie CR-160416 Channel Analogue Studio mixer£20£60
Soundcraft Si Performer 116 Channel Digital (Flightcased)£60£180
Soundcraft Si Performer 332 Channel Digital (Flightcased with Dogbox)£90£270
Soundcraft Spirit Folio F116 Channel Analogue Live mixer£20£60
Soundcraft Spirit Studio 2424 Channel Analogue Studio Mixer with 8 groups£50£150
Soundcraft Ui1612 Channel Digital mixer (browser controlled) with iPad£60£180
Soundcraft Vi132 Channel Digital mixer (Flightcased with Dogbox)£120£360
Yamaha MG24/14FX24 Channel Analogue Live mixer with 4 groups and FX£30£90


Ashly GQX-3101Single Channel 31 band graphic equaliser£15£45
Ashly GQX-3102Dual Channel 31 band graphic equaliser£25£75
BSS FCS-966Dual Channel 31 band graphic equaliser£25£75
Behringer DSP8000DSP Audio Processor£10£30
Behringer MDX26002-Channel Expander/Gate/Compressor/Peak Limiter£10£30
Behringer MDX46004-channel Expander/Gate/ Compressor/Peak Limiter£10£30
DBX 166XLDual Channel Compressor/Gate£10£30
Drawmer DL221Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter£15£45
Formula Sound AVC2Automatic Volume Control Unit£10£30
Yamaha DEQ5Dual Channel Digital 30 Band Parametric Equaliser£30£90
Yamaha SPX90Digital Multi Effects Processor£15£45


DAS Sub18Compact 18” Subwoofer£25£75
EV SB121Ultra compact 12” Subwoofer£20£60
EV SX80Compact 8” Loudspeaker£15£45
Fostex 6301BPersonal Monitor£10£20
HK Lucas 10002.1 Speaker system with subwoofer.£120£360
JBL 4645CHigh power shallow profile cinema subwoofer£50£150
JBL 4670DHigh power shallow profile cinema top£50£150
JBL 8340AHigh power cinema surround£20£60
JBL JRX125Modified Dual 15” Full-range loudspeakers£25£75
L’Acoustics Kiva2 Way Mid/Top Small Format Line Array Speaker£30£90
L’Acoustics Kilo12” Low Mid Small Format Line Array Speaker£35£105
L’Acoustics SB118High Output 18” Reflex Subwoofer£40£120
L’Acoustics MTD1121 x 12” Co-axial Wedge Monitor£25£75
L’Acoustics MTD1151 x 15” Co-axial Wedge Monitor£30£90
Martin Mach M-Flex 1212” Dual Concentric Active loudspeaker£35£35
Nexo PS1515” Full-range multipurpose loudspeaker w/controller£40£120
Peavey CPM-1212” Active Floor Monitor£25£75
Peavey PVX-1212” Full-range multipurpose loudspeaker£25£75
Peavey PVXp-1212” Full-range multipurpose active loudspeaker£35£105
Peavey PVX-1515” Full-range multipurpose loudspeaker£30£90
Radiance RA11212” VLF Subwoofer£25£75
Radiance KB212Dual 12” Bass/Low Mid Cabinet£35£105
Radiance HF2123way Mid/HF Cabinet£35£105
RCF Monitor 88” Loudspeaker£20£60
Void Acoustics AirMotion v23-way sculpted horn-loaded speaker£65£195
Void Acoustics Air Ten V22 x 10” + 1.5” Coaxial Mid/Top Infill£45£135
Void Acoustics Arcline 62-way, medium format line array speaker£25£75
Void Acoustics Arcline XDual 15” hornloaded sub£30£90
Void Acoustics Psyco SubSingle 18” long throw hornloaded sub£30£90
Void Acoustics Stasys 218Dual 18” reflex loaded sub£40£120
Void Acoustics Stasys 42-way, bi-amped 15”+1.5” full range speaker£30£90
Void Acoustics Stasys X-AirUltra High Output Dual 18” hornloaded sub£50£150
Void Acoustics TriMotionHorn Loaded Triangular Sculpted 3Way Mid/Top£65£195
Void Acoustics Venu82way 8”compact cab£20£60

Stands, Truss & Rigging

Berkley StandLightweight lighting stand for ColourTran/Redheads£5£15
Millennium BS-20135mm top hat Aluminium speaker stand. 40kg limit£5£15
Millennium MS-2003Tall telescopic boom mic stand£5£15
Millennium MS-2002Short telescopic boom mic stand£5£15
Millennium SLS628mm Lighting stand. 30kg limit£5£15
PowerDrive W3300Easyhoist 3.3m 120kg Load Winch Stands£20£60
Pulse PLS00058Desktop Mic Stand£3£12
Pulse PLSM20 35mm Speaker Pole£3£12
Milos M290Q 2.5M2.5m Quad Truss£20£60
Milos M290Q 2M2m Quad Truss£15£45
Milos M290Q 1.5M1.5m Quad Truss£15£45
Milos M290Q 1M1m Quad Truss£10£30
Milos M290Q 390deg3Way 90 Degree Quad Truss Corner£10£30
Milos M290Q 490deg4way 90 Degree Quad Truss Corner£15£45
Milos M290Q 90deg2way 90 Degree Quad Truss Corner£10£30
Milos M290Q BaseBase Plate Quad Truss£5£15
Milos M290Q HW BaseHeavy Weight Base Plate Quad Truss£15£45
Opti Trilite 2011m length of triangle truss£10£30
Opti Trilite 2044m length of triangle truss£20£60
Varytec Truss AdapterAdapter to attach truss to stands£5£15
Void Arcline Fly FrameFlying frame for Void Acoustics Arcline 6£60£180
Void Arcline Winch StandHeavy duty tripod or ballast winch stand for Arcline 6£10£30
Void Arcline Tilt BoardGround stack tilt board for Arcline 6 – fits Arcline X£10£30
Void Air Motion Winch StandHeavy duty tripod or ballast winch stand for AirMotion£10£30
Void Air Motion Tilt BoardGround stack tilt board for Air Motion v2 – fits Stasys£10£30
Void Air Motion Fly BracketTruss/scaffold fixed bracket for flying Air Motion v2£10£30


Litestructures 8×4 LiteDeck8 foot by 4 foot Aluminium staging platform£25£75
Litestructures 8×2 LiteDeck8 foot by 2 foot Aluminium staging platform£25£75
Litestructures 4×4 LiteDeck4 foot by 4 foot Aluminium staging platform£25£75
Litestructures 4×2 LiteDeck4 foot by 2 foot Aluminium staging platform£20£60
Litestructures 2ft HR2ft Long Handrail£10£30
Litestructures 4ft HR4ft Long Handrail£15£45
Litestructures 8ft HR8ft Long Handrail£20£60
Litestructures 4ft Leg4ft Aluminium leg£1£3
Litestructures 3ft Leg3ft Aluminium leg£1£3
Litestructures 2ft Leg2ft Aluminium leg£1£3
Litestructures 1ft Leg1ft Aluminium leg£1£3
Stage Solutions StudioDeck1x1m Aluminum staging with 1 or 2ft legs£10£30


Snake 30/16/430m 16 in 4 out XLR multicore with stage box£30£90
Snake 30/24/630m 24 in 6 out XLR multicore with stage box£35£105
Snake 8/10/28m 10 in 2 out XLR multicore with stage box£15£45
IMG VU-8001u dual channel VU meter£5£15
JVC RV-NV20B                                   Portable Boombox/Ghettoblaster£10£30
SPL MeterCalibrated Sound Pressure Level meter£10£30
Remote SocketWireless controlled power plugs with remote£8£24

Projection & Visual

Da Lite Fastfold12ft x 12ft Front Projection Screen£30£90
Da Lite Roll Up8ft Roll up Front Projection Screen£20£60
Acer XP1160PZ2400 lumen DLP Projector£75£225
Canon SX63500 lumen 3 Chip HD LCoS Projector£150£450
Epsom EMP-622000 lumen 3 Chip LCD Projector£60£180
Sanyo PDG-DSU21N2300 lumen DLP Projector£50£150
Sanyo XP40L3500 lumen 3 Chip LCD Projector£100£300
AB L62AB4 in 2 out AV Source Selector£5£15
Edirol Roland V4exHD Vision Mixer£30£90
Jebsee AV-12776AV Distribution Amplifier£5£15
Kodak PlaysportHandheld Weatherproof Full HD Video Camera£10£30
Kodak ZI8sHandheld Full HD Video Camera£10£30
Numark VM03 MK2Rackmounted 3x 5” LCD Screens£10£20
Panasonic WJ MX50SD Vision Mixer£15£45
Samsung BD-C6500BluRay Player£5£15
Sony DSR45DVCam, MiniDV Deck£25£75
Sony J-30Digital Betacam Deck£75£225
Sony UVW-1800Betacam SP Deck£50£150
Sony VO-9600PU-Matic Deck£50£150
WD HDTVFull HD USB Media Player£5£15


The EV System
Small but perfectly formed

2x EV SX80 Speakers
1x EX SB121 Subwoofer
2x Speaker Stands
1x Loudspeaker Management System
2x Power Amplifiers
1x Cables

Double the bass for £125 all in!
The Discreet System
Bigger isn’t always better…
  2x RCF Monitor 8 Speakers
2x Speaker Stands
1x Power Amplifier 1x Loudspeaker Management System
1x Cables 1x Microphone
1x Microphone Stand
1x Small Mixer   Double the amount of speakers for £150 all in!  
The HK Lucas System
Perfect all in one system
  2x HK Lucas 8” Satellite Speakers
1x HK Lucas 15” Active Subwoofer
2x Speaker Stands
1x Cables
1x Small Mixer   Add on 2x Stage Monitors for £200 all in!  
The JBL Rig Potent little system for upto 200 people.  2x JBL Modified JRX125 Dual 15” Speakers
4x Radiance 12” VLF Subwoofers 2x Power Amplifiers
1x Loudspeaker Management System 1x Cables   Bolt on a DJ or Live package for only £300 all in!  
The Rollerderby Rig Perfect for sports events and wedding receptions.  2x Nexo PS15 Speakers 2x Radiance 12” VLF Subwoofers 2x Speaker Stands 2x Power Amplifiers 1x Cables 1x Loudspeaker Management System 1x Nexo Processor 2x Microphones
1x Small Mixer 1x Compressor   Add on a couple of extra subwoofers for £300 all in!  
The Radiance Live Rig
Quite possibly the best sounding sound system you will ever hear.

8x Radiance KB212 Speakers
2x Radiance HF212 Speakers
4x DAS Sub18 Subwoofers
1x Loudspeaker Management System
2x Power Amplifiers
1x Cables
1x Technician

The JBL Screen Array
Fully fledged THX Certified Cinema Sound System
  3x JBL 4670D Speakers + HFs 2x JBL 4645C Subwoofers 6x JBL 8340A Surrounds 6x Speaker Stands 6x Power Amplifiers 3x Loudspeaker Management Systems 1x Audio Decoder 1x Audio Processor 1x Technician  £850£2550
The DJ Bundle Perfect for any party  2x Pioneer CDJ1000 mk3
1x Urei 1601 DJ Mixer 1x Active DJ Monitor 1x Speaker Stand 1x Cables  
The Live Bundle
Perfect for live bands
  3x Vocal Microphones 3x Microphone Stands 2x Instrument Microphones 2x Short boom stands 2x Active DI Boxes 1x Small Mixer 2x Active Stage Monitors  £100£300
The above packages and prices are on a “dry hire” basis (unless otherwise mentioned). This means that you pick up the kit, use it and return it to us at the end of your hire period. For an additional charge we can deliver and setup the equipment, leaving you to operate it during the event. We then return at the end of the event to pack down and take it away. This is charged at £150 including delivery and collection within London (Zones 1-5). If you require a full “wet hire” service where we stay and operate the equipment then please get in touch via email to discuss your needs. Please note that exceptions may apply to any service. Contact us for more details